About Canvac Systems Inc.



Justin Nicholson – Owner/Team Leader

Justin is a Licenced 433A Industrial Millwright Mechanic and has years of experience employed at Vacuum Truck manufacturers. He focused on Vacuum Truck/Heavy Truck Hydraulic repair at Truck & Trailer repair centers. His ability to diagnose, problem solve, and resolve many types of equipment issues, has proved time after time that he loves what he does. Justin is highly knowledgeable in Hydraulics, Electronics, Pneumatics, and Vacuum Trucks. Justin also has experience with landscape equipment (ie. small engine repair, skid steers), floor sweepers, water systems etc.


Joseph Manalo – Mechanic

Joe is also a 433A Industrial Millwright Mechanic, previously employed for years at several vacuum truck manufacturers in the area. He has a passion for quality, and has a lot of pride in the work he does. He always strategically works at troubleshooting  equipment issues and loves designing new hydraulic systems.




Canvac Systems Inc.

Professional vacuum truck/hydro excavator repair and manufacturing. We specialize in heavy truck systems of all kinds. Whether you are looking to have a custom pressure wash system, hydro-vac unit, jet vac unit or complete hydraulic system designed and assembled. Or you simply need your current system repaired or maintained our team is here for you. We pride ourselves in quality service and prompt communication. Our priority is to get customers back up and running as soon as possible.